As former college students, we realized two things:
1) We learned just as much from YouTube videos as attending lectures and
2) We learned better when the same material was presented from different angles

So, we decided to combine those ideas to curate a collection of the best resources on the internet.

Best is subjective, so we decided to use a data-driven approach by combining cold, hard numbers and a
hint of subjectivity based on our personal experiences learning from these resources.

A few factors we look at are:
1. Number of Net Likes (total likes - total dislikes)
2. Like Ratio (total likes / total dislikes)
3. Length of Video (short but not too short)
4. Number of Views (usually more the better)

This content will be free. Always. We take no credit for any of the videos.
Thank you to all the content creators who have made our lives easier.


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